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Did your new home come with a warranty? If so, you'll want to contact Countryside Home Inspections LLC before it expires. Countryside Home Inspections LLC is a trusted warranty expiration inspection company that serves Jefferson County and surrounding areas. We will conduct an in-depth home inspection so you can make needed repairs while your warranty is still in effect.

Call 920-253-3600 now to discuss the condition of your house with a trusted home inspector.

Inspecting your house is as easy as 1, 2, 3

When the warranty on your house is due to expire, get in touch with Countryside Home Inspections. He makes it easy to get the information you need to make repairs on your home that are covered by the terms of the warranty.

He will:

  1. Give you a free estimate
  2. Set an inspection time that fits your schedule
  3. Complete a detailed report showing all our findings

With the information you get from our inspection, you'll be able to use your warranty to make repairs on your home while it's still in effect.

Don't wait until it's too late. Hire Countryside Home Inspections to inspect your home today. Call now to get your free inspection estimate.